Ruby Bridges


Ruby Bridges was 6 when she was sent to an all-white school and she was the only African American. Every morning angry mobs threatened her in front of the school and she had to be escorted by armed guards to school. Yet through all this every morning she went to school happy and ready to learn even though she was alone. Yes, she was alone, all the parents refused to send their child to school with a “black” girl. Then one morning she stopped in front of the angry people as she was walking. She looked like she was talking to them. When her teacher asked her what she was doing, Ruby said she was praying and that every morning she prayed for the people a few blocks away from school away from school. She prayed to God that he would give the angry people forgiveness. She prayed he would forgive them for yelling at her and she said they were actually nice people but they were just mad. She had given those people another chance and she was nice to them after all they did to her.

Christian Bale


Christian Bale, who later played Batman in, well, Batman, and Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and lots of other movies, started acting at 13. While you may think this is amazing, many people teased him in school for his acting, telling him he would never be good enough. He proved them wrong.

Christian Bale is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Famous People Who Were Relentlessly Bullied

Helen Keller:

Helen Keller had lots of big changes. It was very hard, but she never gave up. Accomplishing many more things than many people can do in a generation. At 19 months she got very sick and went deaf and blind. At first, she wasn’t much good at trying or behaving, she was just very scared. But her teacher Annie Sullivan helped her get to her greatest point and change the world. In 1904 Helen graduated from Radcliffe College, Annie Sullivan right by her side. She became a celebrated author of 12 books and magazine articles. Helen travelled all over the world, 39 countries meeting kings and presidents all over. She never stopped. Helen Keller worked till her end. She helped raise money for people like her. Even though she had a rough start she became a big part of American history.

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Frida Kahlo:

Frida Kahlo was a great woman role model. She was born in Coyoacan, Mexico in 1907, but she claims to be born 1910. That year there was the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution, and it was also when the Mexicans overthrew president Porfirio Diaz. Although Frida was Mexican, she would only wear the elaborate Tehuana costumes of the Indian maidens. Her husband, muralist Diego Rivera, was 20 years older than her. They divorced in 1939 and remarried in 1940. When she was young, a trolley car hit her. She spent most of her youth broken, and when she was older, she lacked energy and could not move well. While Diego painted murals, she usually was at the hospital, either right before a surgery or right after. While she was recovering from the surgeries she would paint. About 55, or almost one-third of all the painting she painted where self-portraits. She involved a lot of flowers and roots in her paintings. She died on July 13th, 1954.

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Jane Goodall:

Jane Goodall is a very important person. She was bullied for being the only girl to work with animals. Jane didn’t care though… She kept on pursuing her dreams. Jane had a stuffed animal monkey Jubilee. Jane was born on April 3, 1934, and sadly passed away in 2015. Jane will always be a part of our heart and because of what she did we will always remember her.

Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron was bullied in school as a teenager “Once a group of girls locked me in the janitor’s closet, another time a girl spilled chocolate milk down a dress I made. Girls would try to trip me in the hallway. Once in high school, on a field trip away from school, some girls brought razors to shave their legs and threw them at me and told me to kill myself.”

Dove chose to think that it had nothing to do with her, “maybe they are insecure, or they’re animal just died or they have a bad relationship with their parents”

Dove chose to rise up above the bullies and remembered that she was special and that the only reason the bullies chose to bully her, was because she had something they wanted, but they could never steal the special thing that was inside her.

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Marie Curie:

Marie Curie was a physicist and chemist and a pioneer in the study of radiation who broke gender stereotypes. She and her husband discovered two new elements, polonium and radium. Polonium was named after Marie’s homeland, Poland. Radium got its name from the Latin word for ray. They won 2 Nobel peace prizes, one for Physics and another Chemistry. Sadly Marie Curie died on July 4th, 1934 by too much exposure to radiation which gave her aplastic anaemia. She wasn’t taken very seriously because she was a woman in a male-dominated field. She was very strong and she was very brave because that was unheard of during her time. What she did proves that women and girls can do anything they want to if they don’t give up.Image result for marie curie


Wilma Rudolph:

Wilma Rudolph was very sickly as a child. One day, she got polio. She survived with a twisted left leg. She was bullied and was not allowed to go to school. One day, right before she went to church she decided she had enough teasing and bullying. She took off her brace and walked right into church! People were so surprised! She joined her school basketball team and broke some world record. She was also a star in track! A few years later, she competed for the USA and won all 3 gold medals! She was the first woman to win 3 gold medals! She started not able to walk and became an Olympic Runner!

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Michel Phelps:

Michael Phelps was tormented by bullies who mocked him for his hyperactive personality and big ears in middle school. He wore hats most of the time to hide the size of his ears. Phelps even got suspended from school for fighting one of his bullies. But after that, he learned to keep his composure and challenge his frustration into success in swimming.“I kind of laugh at it now,” Phelps said,”I think it made me stronger going through that.” After he got bullied for who he was he chose to ignore them and follow what he loved.

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Clara Barton

Clara Barton was the woman who created the red cross.

Barton risked her life every day going out in the middle of the battlefield and saving soldiers in the Civil War. She founded the Red Cross in 1881 at age 60 and ran it for the next 23 years. The company relied on volunteers and that is amazing. People risking their lives just to save another. Clara Barton died on April 12, 1912, in her hometown Glen Echo. She has impacted the world in such a big way and she will forever be remembered as the “Angle of the Battlefield”.